• A Voice for Tropoja 2.0: Cooperating to Empower Rural Communities in Sustainable Development

    Empowering rural communities affected by environmental degradation to participate in decision-making and promotion of sustainable livelihood opportunities

The Project

Five partner organizations have joined forces together to contribute to the sustainable livelihoods of rural communities in Tropoja, Albania affected by environmental degradation, through their empowerment and strengthened capacities of civil society to increase communities' participation in environmental decision-making.

Take a look at our publication about rural community engagement!

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Study visit and conference in Slovakia

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Public exhibition promoting communities‘ model of sustainable livelihood organized in Bajram Curri

The opening event was held on 16 November at a local museum. The exhibition was organized by our local partner… Read more

Partner – CEE Bankwatch
Partner – TOKA
Partner – CVO
Partner – PGN
Védegylet Egyesulet